Happy 29th Birthday Rihanna!


Today born Robyn Rihanna Fenty celebrates her 29th birthday and for her special day husband Kid Fella took to Instagram last night at 12:01 AM to present his wife with her gift which was a new Yacht priced at $800 million he purchased for the birthday girl with the caption ‘Come party with us, happy birthday baby. Keep loving me #Hennessy tagging bad gal RiRi in the post. Staff members say

‘Kid Fella has been working on this yacht since December 19th, 2014. He is very meticulous on the appearance of the ship so we have been working night and day to have it the way he envisions it. The status of the boat is under construction. Due March 2018’

Kid Fella and Rihanna have been in a relationship since the summer of 2014 and were prenounced married on December 20th, 2016

Congratulations to the Lewis’s, Carnival Horizon sails in 2018. Carnival.com

Update: The boss banks $200K


Born in Saint Michael Parish, Barbados


Sold Out


$100,000 check


Kid Fella and Rihanna New Mansion


Congrats to Hennessy Ambassador and wife on entering there soon to be home. Real estate agent say’s they took a tour of the 10,000 sq. ft. property in Boca Raton, Florida.

‘I sent my boss the listings of the prechosen homes and he made a decision and I set up a date. He arrived one hour and a half late due to technical issues but I remained patient and waited for him to arrive’

‘We took a tour of the $3 million estate and right away he knew this was the home as it was beautiful if I may add. I contacted him this morning and he replied that he was discussing the details with his wife and he would keep me updated’

As for Rihanna she is very happy closest friends and colleagues say.

‘She is viewing the photos of the mansion, getting ready to go over the paperwork and still in limbo about if this is the property plus the choice of furniture she thinks would complete the spot. It’s a process and she is not rushing’

Fans also met the 28 year old Rap star as he took a tour of the country club.

Seems like RiRi has the final say on the home of choice since she is the woman, so we will just have to wait and see what she ultimately picks.

Update: Kid Fella World Tour?

Kid Fella took to Instagram yesterday to showcase his new swimming pool at the Boca Raton residence with the caption ‘I appreciate each and every fan I met yesterday! with the hashtag #FUCKYOURTOUR tagging his wife Rihanna in the post which left many fans speculating if he was hinting at some show dates. Continue reading Kid Fella and Rihanna New Mansion

Kid Fella Birthday Party


The boss took to Instagram last night to announce his upcoming 28th birthday party event, details above! Hilton.com (Sold Out)

Update: Congratulations Kid Fella for selling out tickets to his Bday pool party/all night celebration. The mansion the event will be kept at is 45,000 sq. ft. with a total of 585 rooms at a starting price of $250 to $500 a night.


Kid Fella banks $100k 

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Rihanna wishes her husband an early happy birthday and enlist the NFL New England Patriots wide receiver for the Puma promo run!

Fans & business acquaintances show support.