Kid Fella X Rihanna Puma


Congratulations Kid Fella and Rihanna on continuing to set the trend. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis have joined brands to create a mega brand.

Creative director Rihanna first inked her deal with Puma worth over $1 million back in December 16th, 2014 when Badgal RiRi took to Instagram to announce to her followers that she is now working with the brand to launch her own line FENTYXPUMA a sneaker line that continues to sell out the day of its release along with female clothing designed by Rihanna.

Kid Fella was first seen wearing Puma back in February of 2015 after a serious car accident that left him injured the entire year and even then he was still spotted sporting the brand to rehab but the most talked about event was the day of his arthroscopic Knee surgury when nurses and doctors say he was dressed in Puma socks, shorts and T-shirt.

With Kid Fella 28 and Rihanna 29 continuing to shatter records, the brand shall only continue to increase its revenue as it is now worth over $3 billion to end the 2016 annual earnings.

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Kid Fella The Boss/Tech Genius


27 year old Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. also known as Kid Fella has become one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the tech world. Instagram was created in 2010 by company owners Kevin Systrom and Mark Kreiger as a free photo sharing app, Donavan seen a future with the company and quickly joined the community to help get his brand recognition. With currently 200,000 followers it has helped him create a massive buzz for his music. After seeing the success many other entertainers and business owners followed suit and joined the community as they also seen it as an outlet to communicate with an audience and to market product.

In the spring of 2012 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased the company for $1 billion. After successfully marketing his music and his brand, Donavan has went on to create new jobs in 2016 through the app as he currently has over forty employees that work for him. With a lifetime deal through Apple/Sprint he now has three iPhones and a Android Slate 8 Tablet that he uses to stay on top of business as he has netted $1.1 billion. It started with one employee and it grew through word of mouth.

Recently opening an office in Miami, FL Donavan and his employees continue to make bank as the business is estimated to be worth $2 billion, fastest company growth as it is only about 3 months old.

‘Being the boss of my startup company is amazing as I have dedicated female workers and it allows me to work from the office or home. We’re fairly new so we are still figuring things out but I am very happy that I was able to create new job opportunities for my staff and to see them actually making profits excites me as I knew we could do it if we stayed focused’

The startup company will only continue to grow and with a solid staff customers will continue to be satisfied!

Update: One of Donavan’s employees has nothing but Kind words to say about her boss.

‘His heart is very pure and that’s what makes him different. I am very thankful for everything’


One of Donavan’s employees was missing for a few days but she was recently found by the missing person’s NYPD squad!

‘She is doing great. Thank you to everyone that notified us and helped with the search’


January Employee of the Month