Kid Fella Sues Drivers Auto Mart Car Dealership For Fraud

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Yesterday Kid Fella filed a lawsuit against a car dealer ship in Davie FL. Kid Fella states that he was bamboozled into buying a car that was a lemon. Back in February Kid Fella was browsing for vehicles when he came across a dealership that would cause Kid a lot of financial and emotional stress. While browsing for a 2006 Range Rover Kid Fella was caught in a bait and switch. Drivers Auto Mart told Kid Fella to come in and take a look at the truck, But when he arrived, the truck was not there but he was told by Paul Rademacher (Sales Manager at Drivers Auto Mart) that the Range Rover was being serviced which was a lie.

Kid was tricked into purchasing a 2008 Mercedes Benz c300 which Kid said he did not want that car. Kid Fella was only able to drive the car one block and after leaving with the car, The engine light automatically came on. Kid was told that all the cars on the lot was inspected prior to his arrival which was not true.

The car broke down on Kid fella several times in the first week of purchase and also was the cause for an accident. while driving Kid Fella tried to stop at a red light at an 3 way intersection to enter the highway when the car brakes failed and he rear ended a young female which could of been very deadly. Luckily the young female kept her foot on the brakes.

Kid Fella states he took the car to the warranty company and was told the car had 900 problems after being scanned by a Mercedes specialist. Kid quickly returned the car to the dealership and contacted his bank for a refund. One month later Kid received papers from Capitol One Auto Finance in the mail that his car was reposed.

Kid fella is suing Drivers Auto Mart for $1 Million claiming they tried to take advantage of him due to poor representation, Putting him thru financial/emotional distress, defamation of Character Which Kid Fella states his credit score took a huge hit due to fraudulent statements that led the Credit Bureau to take action against him and left him not being able to purchase things due to poor credit and pain and suffering. Kid Fella is also protected under the lemon law that Florida put in place due to similar situations.

No statements from either party at the moment. we will keep you updated!

Update: case has been settled, Kid Fella to recieve $1 million.

‘I was intrigued by his story and decided to work for Donavan. The few times we met for coffee at Starbucks and at his house he was highly prepared so it was easy for me to identify what documents we needed to win this case’

Lauren has recently retired, congrats!


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‘Lauren is very excited, she took a business trip to his home last year and she feels it’s one of the best decisions she made’

Congrats Kid Fella and Lauren Turner!