Kid Fella $80K Car!


BMW brand Ambassador Kid Fella took to Instagram yesterday and posted a picture of himself driving in a brand new 2017 740i with the caption ‘In Stores Now #740i then attaching BMW’s Instagram handle.

On lookers say

‘We saw him driving that beautiful white machine in the streets along with a male in the passenger seat’

Sources say

‘The male was Isaac Velez, the sales manager at Lauderdale BMW of Fort Lauderdale’

But what caught the masses attention was when the boss pulled up on his wife Badgal RiRi on the RICHFAAMXPUMA Instagram and Twitter page that they created together, at 7:40 AM with an interesting but yet X rated caption for the new BMW 740i promo as Kid Fella and Rihanna came together and continue to make the fans happy, then also releasing a photo of Nicki Minaj 30 minutes later laying in bed.

Will Nicki Minaj be wearing Fenty Puma by Rihanna now?

The car is priced at $81,500

Update: Kid Fella banks $1.5 million



Kim Kardashian West Inks $800M Deal (Contract null and void)


Congratulations Kim Kardashian West on inking a bank deal with Wells Fargo worth $800 million for five years.

Bank manager speaks

‘We’ve been in business with Kid Fella since December of 2014 and have always valued his partnership despite the public issues we have had in the past. Aligning ourselves with Kim Kardashian West we believe will only continue to grow our annual earnings as her social media following and influence is massive’

The boss now has all five of the major banks in his pocket, from Charles Schwab, Bank of America, American Express to Chase earning him $763.8 billion.

congrats Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Rita Ora and Kimberly!

Update: Charles Schwab files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The company was valued at $8.2 billion.

New bank account alert

Welcome Nicki Minaj to Bank of America, deal is worth $1M for the next 2 years, along with Rihanna who inked a $50M deal last year for 2 years!

Chairman and CEO speaks

‘Were excited to have Nicki Minaj partnering with us, with a cult following of Barbies, we should see an increase in revenue in the years to come’
IMG_2349Sold $6,995,000


IMG_2410Creative Director







Kid Fella X Rihanna Puma


Congratulations Kid Fella and Rihanna on continuing to set the trend. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis have joined brands to create a mega brand.

Creative director Rihanna first inked her deal with Puma worth over $1 million back in December 16th, 2014 when Badgal RiRi took to Instagram to announce to her followers that she is now working with the brand to launch her own line FENTYXPUMA a sneaker line that continues to sell out the day of its release along with female clothing designed by Rihanna.

Kid Fella was first seen wearing Puma back in February of 2015 after a serious car accident that left him injured the entire year and even then he was still spotted sporting the brand to rehab but the most talked about event was the day of his arthroscopic Knee surgury when nurses and doctors say he was dressed in Puma socks, shorts and T-shirt.

With Kid Fella 28 and Rihanna 29 continuing to shatter records, the brand shall only continue to increase its revenue as it is now worth over $3 billion to end the 2016 annual earnings.

To keep up with Kid Fella and Rihanna and for new releases! 

Happy 29th Birthday Rihanna!


Today born Robyn Rihanna Fenty celebrates her 29th birthday and for her special day husband Kid Fella took to Instagram last night at 12:01 AM to present his wife with her gift which was a new Yacht priced at $800 million he purchased for the birthday girl with the caption ‘Come party with us, happy birthday baby. Keep loving me #Hennessy tagging bad gal RiRi in the post. Staff members say

‘Kid Fella has been working on this yacht since December 19th, 2014. He is very meticulous on the appearance of the ship so we have been working night and day to have it the way he envisions it. The status of the boat is under construction. Due March 2018’

Kid Fella and Rihanna have been in a relationship since the summer of 2014 and were prenounced married on December 20th, 2016

Congratulations to the Lewis’s, Carnival Horizon sails in 2018.

Update: The boss banks $200K


Born in Saint Michael Parish, Barbados


Sold Out


$100,000 check


Kid Fella X Rihanna Grammy’s


Mrs. Lewis attended the 59th annual Grammy ceremony last night in high fashion styling a Armani Prive dress. The eight-time Grammy winner was nominated for record of the year, best pop duo/group performance, best R&B performance, best R&B song, best urban contemporary album, best rap/sung performance, best rap song and best recording package. Many fans feel as if she was snubbed in each category but that did not stop Kid Fella’s wife from being the talk of the night as what seem to get the most attention was the ring on her wedding finger.

‘She was wearing a huge black diamond ring on her finger to symbolize the love for her husband that was not in attendance. He has a big meeting in the morning so he’s back in FL’

Even with a business meeting in the morning it did not stop Kid Fella from taking notice of his beautiful wife as he took to Instagram last night and uploaded three photos of his Wife’s special night. Although he did not attend Rihanna Kept her assistant and BFF Melissa Forde close by as they shared the same seating row.


Kid Fella attends 1:00 PM meeting at the Milano at Miramar. On lookers say the Rap Superstar arrived fashionably late wearing Prada shades, True Religion Jeans, A white Calvin Klein T-shirt, Nike Air Jordan 6s, A Ferrari by Puma backpack, Jewlery to accessorize and last but not least a Bottle of Hennessy.

‘The meeting was scheduled for 1pm but he arrived at 2pm, we walked around the complex, viewed the condominiums and the business room. Were scheduled to meet again next week’

-Jessica Hammond

Condo prices start from $1,460 to $2,050 congrats Kid Fella and Rihanna!

update: Kid Fella and Rihanna close out deal on first home together.

It’s official, congrats to the young married couple as they purchase there first home today in Miami, FL closest friends say

‘Rihanna is very happy as she can not wait to start a new chapter in her life with the man she loves’

The good news comes three days before Rihanna’s 29th birthday.

Kid Fella picks up the keys tomorrow afternoon.

-The boss spends $100,000 for the brand new property equipped with incredible amenities!

Roc Nation Pre Grammy Brunch!


Update #2: Congratulations Jhene Aiko on inking multi million dollar record deal.

28 year old R&B singer is now a part of the family as she signs with RichFaam Records. Sources say the deal is worth $100M

‘It’s a partnership with Roc Nation, a company founded by Jay Z for Kid Fella to continue to produce music and find/break new talent.

Sources continue by saying Kid Fella is also in talks with 24 year old up and coming Philly MC Asia Sparks and 24 year old Atlanta Rapper Rich The Kid.

We will keep you updated!


Kid Fella Car Stolen?


This morning at 8:00 AM it was reported that the 28 year old Rapper Kid Fella $120,000 car was stolen in Fort Lauderdale, FL

‘The call was placed to the police that his car was stolen, so we are on the lookout for it now. It was reported that his BMW 745 LI is usually in his driveway, but this one night it was in the nearest parking lot in the complex he is currently staying in and went missing at some time that night’

This is not the first time the Rap Star car has been a victim of theft. In 2016 his cars including his Mercedes Benz E350 4 Matic valued at $90,000 were reported stolen 5 times and each time retrieved but at the expense of Kid Fella.

We will keep you updated.


It seems to be an inside job as sources say they heard no noise when the car went missing.

‘His cars are very well kept and they keep coming around stealing his property to gain money from him. He never parks in that spot so it had to be called in from someone in the complex to come steal the car’

Update #2: Kid Fella car recovered. His black BMW 745 Li is now back in custody of the young rapper as it was confiscated and found around 2:30 PM

update #3: BMW brand ambassador Kid Fella gets into verbal confrontation with woman at Chevron gas station.

Yesterday at around 9PM Kid Fella was spotted at the gas station in Fort Lauderdale, FL when in the convienent store he and a young woman went at it resulting in Kid Fella calling her a bitch.

On lookers say, she said something to Kid Fella that got him on the defensive side.

‘She was thirsty and got put in her place. She seemed to enjoy being demeaned by him as she had a look on her face that said she was willing to fuck on the spot before Kid Fella exited the store with no return’

This isn’t the first heated argument he’s been in as a few months ago he allegedly called a Wells Fargo branch manager a ‘fucking faggot’

Kid Fella has yet to confirm rumors, we will keep you updated.

Update #4: Kid Fella’s car was stolen once again yesterday morning by All County Towing, this is the second time in two weeks costing the Rap Superstar $300 On lookers said they came back around at 12:00 AM they are now under investigation.



After successfully selling out the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas and winning Super Bowl LI Kid Fella Hennessy Ambassador keeps the momentum going as he took to Instagram today to showcase the Promo for his up and coming #FUCKYOURTOUR with the caption ‘Fuck yo liquor’ with wife Rihanna for the American Leg, Nicki Minaj and Tinashe for the Overseas run.

With tickets priced at $100 a pop, they sure flew off the Reverbnation site fast as they claim the IG post garnered so much attention within an hour from fans that it is something that just has to happen.

Stay tuned for dates!


Check, the boss earns $100K

The #FUCKYOURTOUR was a showcase of the 10,000 sq. ft. mansion he visited in Boca Raton, Florida. The home is priced at $3 million on market value but worth way more due to the amenitie upgrades. It was seen by Kid Fella’s 100,000+ instagram followers and well received.

Kid Fella and Rihanna New Mansion


Congrats to Hennessy Ambassador and wife on entering there soon to be home. Real estate agent say’s they took a tour of the 10,000 sq. ft. property in Boca Raton, Florida.

‘I sent my boss the listings of the prechosen homes and he made a decision and I set up a date. He arrived one hour and a half late due to technical issues but I remained patient and waited for him to arrive’

‘We took a tour of the $3 million estate and right away he knew this was the home as it was beautiful if I may add. I contacted him this morning and he replied that he was discussing the details with his wife and he would keep me updated’

As for Rihanna she is very happy closest friends and colleagues say.

‘She is viewing the photos of the mansion, getting ready to go over the paperwork and still in limbo about if this is the property plus the choice of furniture she thinks would complete the spot. It’s a process and she is not rushing’

Fans also met the 28 year old Rap star as he took a tour of the country club.

Seems like RiRi has the final say on the home of choice since she is the woman, so we will just have to wait and see what she ultimately picks.

Update: Kid Fella World Tour?

Kid Fella took to Instagram yesterday to showcase his new swimming pool at the Boca Raton residence with the caption ‘I appreciate each and every fan I met yesterday! with the hashtag #FUCKYOURTOUR tagging his wife Rihanna in the post which left many fans speculating if he was hinting at some show dates. Continue reading Kid Fella and Rihanna New Mansion

Kid Fella One Billion iPhone Users


Congratulations to the boss for accomplishing a massive goal by having 1 billion Active Apple devices.

Kid Fella recently inked a lifetime partnership deal worth $1.1B last year with Apple Sprint after achieving huge success from his independent compilation album ‘Kid Fella Remix Project 2’ that was pronounced sold out in 48 hours of its release after selling one million iPhone 6s Plus devices world wide making it RIAA Certified Platinum. The LP is deemed a classic by listeners.

Within the same year of 2016 (while on house arrest for six months) Kid Fella released a second independent project after finding success on the first attempt titled ‘Black Friday’ featuring Nicki Minaj. After selling out of iPhone 7 Plus devices in a day according to Forbes, many buyers were patiently waiting on a new release. Kid Fella released the album in the middle of the night cyber week and within seven days it was pronounced RIAA Certified 4x Platinum and also earning a billboard chart topping hit with ‘Black Barbies’

Kid Fella took to Instagram yesterday at 9:45 AM to deliver his fans a message stating ‘I have the best fans in the world, I appreciate all your support. Keep up the great work’

Fifteen minutes later Kid Fella posted a photo of wife Rihanna walking the New York City streets with an iPhone 7 in hand continuously supporting her husband on her way to film her role for the new 2018 Oceans 8 movie with promo below of a new Maserati courtesy of Apple for the accomplishment!

Update: The boss took to Instagram and posted a picture of his new Maserati for Valentine’s Day!



Kid Fella X Rihanna Celebrate Anniversary


Congratulations Kid Fella and Rihanna. According to RIAA, #YNIC and #ANTI are Certified 3x Platinum.

Download Now on iTunes & Google Play!


Its official, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis are moving in together. Close friends and associates from each camp confirmed  rumors that the Rap Superstar and Pop Princess are a few signatures away from cashing in on there dream home in Florida for $3 million. 

‘She’s excited that he wants to take these next steps with her, she definitely loves him. She doesn’t care what the media thinks of him, he does what he wants and she adores him for it’

Both at the tender age of 28 are looking to secure there financial future and buying a house is a great start. Neither ever living with the opposite sex in a relationship so this would be a first for RiRi and Fella.


Kid Fella – Shake It (Certified Platinum) I Know You Want It (Certified Gold) Expensive Texture (Certified Gold) Survival (Certified Gold)

Rihanna – Work (Certified 5x Platinum) Kiss It Better (Certified Platinum) Love On The Brain (Certified Platinum) 

Forbes Largest Tech Companies

‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ singer Rihanna inks $616B deal with Samsung.

With a loyal social media following of 48.4 million Instagram followers and 69.4 twitter followers, Samsung has seen a 12 percent rise at the end of the 2016 fourth quarter to $2.1 billion in Galaxy S7 sales.

As for Apple, the biggest company in the world has officially reached 1 billion active users. In the last year, these companies together produced $35 trillion in revenue and $2.1 billion in profit earning Kid Fella a $162 trillion check.