Kid Fella Inks New Record Deal With Visa


Kid Fella recently inked a record deal/partnership with visa for a solo and label deal. With hits like ‘Shake It’ ‘Truffle Butter Remix’, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money Remix’ a platinum album/project and a massive social media presence, you can see why a label would be highly interested. Kid Fella will maintain all rights to his music as this deal is to back his Independent Label. In a statement below Kid Fella says.

‘My main focus is to continue putting out Classic material, building up my label with new talent and working with artist of my generation that I think are amazing’

Kid Fella has been rapping for 9 years before being discovered by Onika Tanya Miraj AKA Nicki Minaj YMCMB’s first Lady in 2014 after the success of his ‘Independent Mindset’ Mixtape. That summer in June the two started working on Kid Fella’s solo album #YNIC which was Co-Executive produced by YMCMB’s superstar.

Kid Fella Inserts: ‘Many male rappers were afraid of the unknown and for a female rapper to not be scared made my respect for her go up a 100 notches’

Kid Fella is set to release his follow up LP and a follow up project this year in a new unique situation with RICHFAAM/Visa and with the help of Nicki if he needs it. What a great situation to be in.

Congrats Kid Fella!

Update: Kid Fella inks deal with Visa for $550,000

Interview With Kid Fella #2

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me!

KF: Your welcome.

What is it like being a Boss?

KF: Being a Boss has it’s ups and downs. But so far so good.

You were injured for almost 8 months. What was that time period in your life like?

KF: It was rough. I was not able to do anything. My every move was monitored. I also lost out on millions of dollars. But I think the time was needed. It made me appreciate life a lot more.

Are you saying you didn’t appreciate life before?

KF: I did, but being on bed rest for 8 months will give you time to reflect on life.

Recently you got engaged to Rihanna. Congrats! How will this change you moving forward?

KF: I Appreciate it. I will only become a better man. She makes me happy, and vice versa.

Will you two have babies?

KF: God Willing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KF: At the Bank, Making heavy deposits and withdrawals, continuing to grow as a man, Building my empire, and giving other young talent a chance to provide for their family.

Why do you think your fans connect with you so much?

KF: Because I’m real. They believe in me. They seen me come up from the dirt.

Your brother Ferg-Gotti has been around since day one. How do you manage to maintain loyalty in this music business?

KF: We just smoke a lot of weed. Weed brings comradery.

RichFaaM at the moment is an Independent label. Do you see yourself ever merging with a Major label?

KF: I don’t think the record companies can afford me.

How do you feel about the Cash Money/Young Money dispute that has been going on?

KF: I can not speak on the situation because I am not 100% sure of what is going on, But I believe It’ll will work it self out in due time.

It was a pleasure talking to you. Any last words for the fans out there?

KF: Love ya 💯

Interview With Kid Fella

How are you Kid Fella?

KF: I’m doing great!

You been having a great year so far. What are you most proud of thus far this year?

KF: That I was able to release an official digital album this year, and work with some of the most amazing artist of my generation. I am so proud of myself for that.

Do you think Y.N.I.C was well received by the public?

KF: Only time will tell. My album came out in the midst of many other projects, So the focus was not entirely on me, But I still managed to do fine. I didn’t care if it sold or not, I was just thrilled to release an album.

You have been on countless features this year that have done phenomenal. Care to share your formula?

KF: No formula, I just go in the booth and make magic and it comes together well.

Drake & Future released a mixtape and you were a part of the “Plastic Bag Remix” How did that come about?

KF: I heard the song, liked it, recorded a verse, hit Drizzy and told him I’m dropping it. The rest is history.

Were you happy with the response?

KF: Yes, I am happy with the response to all the records I am a part of.

It was great talking to you, any last words to the fans?

KF: Thank You!