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Congratulations Kid Fella on earning a $100,000,000.00 check.

The boss speaks.

I appreciate Chase for believing in me since day one, we’ve come a long way together. I am now retired because of setting goals, taking risk and making smart investments. I hope to be an inspiration to the younger generation.

Update: Rihanna retires at 29

Update #2: Kid Fella inks a lifetime deal with JPMorgan Chase for $306.6 Billion.

Beyoncé Knowles Forbes 2017 Celebrity 100 Earnings $105 M #2

Kim Kardashian West $45 M #47

Kylie Jenner $41 M #59

Stephen Curry $43.7 M #42

Rihanna $36 M #77

Usain Bolt $34.2 M #88

Serena Williams Forbes 2017 Highest -Payed Athletes Earnings $27 M #51

Congrats Kid Fella and Rihanna on becoming new Chase credit card holders.

Kid Fella on the 2017 Forbes List by age 28 for America’s Top Public Companies owning 100%


Update #1: Kid Fella inks record deal with Warner Music Group for $3,300,000,000

Update #2: Lewis Family inks $1,400,000,000 car insurance deal. America’s Richest Families.




10th Highest Grossing Film of All Time

Get a new iPhone every year with the iPhone Upgrade Program.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty Lewis

60 million units sold.


Mr. & Mrs. Lewis made the Empire State Building in honor of Kid Fella first classic RIAA certified Platinum album Y.N.I.C and Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary.


Personal Banker: STEPHANIE CELIS



Rolls Royce

Warner Music Group

Manolo Blahnik 

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