Kid Fella Wins Court Case, Rihanna Paris!


Congratulations to the boss on winning yet another court case. Kid Fella who’s real name is Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. was involved in a scam with ED MORSE BAYVIEW CADILLAC which left the 28 year old business man having to take extreame measures to get back what was rightfully his.

Attorney speaks

‘When you do legit business with a car dealer ship you are expecting to leave with a car, not over pay for an item in cash and leave with no car key or receipt and told two days later that the paper work was null and void and a return is not possible, that is called theivery and telling a customer you will hang them is a criminal offense’

Kid Fella was awarded a $25 million settlement.

Rihanna does fashion week in style, Mrs. Lewis was in Paris, France on Monday and unveiled the third collection of her FENTYXPUMA line which was live streamed at 3PM at Fenty University a themed show set in a library space functioned as a runway. Cara Delevigne, Future, The Dream, The Fenty’s and more were in attendance.

Kid Fella took to Instagram to let his fans know how much he supports his wife by posting ‘I’m so proud of my sexy ass pretty wife, we are going to take some time together and have a baby! #FENTYXPUMA tagging bad gal RiRi in the post. This comes after Rihanna professed her obsession for her husband.

We are very excited for the news. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

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