Kid Fella, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj Relationship


We have inside tea on this love triangle between the Boss, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

The Summer of 2014 Kid Fella 25 years old was discovered by Nicki Minaj as the two quickly hit it off and started working shortly after that. Rihanna came that same summer as Kid Fella was communicating with both woman at the time according to insider reports.

Sources tell us due to Kid Fella and Rihanna becoming close, it led to Nicki Minaj stepping out of the relationship and persuing a industry relationship with Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill which was short lived.

‘Nicki loved him, she invited him to LA for a meeting and even wanted him to move in with her but he wasn’t ready at the time because Rihanna was enticing him to leave Nicki I believe’

It worked as Nicki Minaj walked away from the relationship and Kid Fella remained with Rihanna as the two are now married but sources say Nicki was in an abusive relationship.

‘He would emotionally abuse her and also one day was going to physically hurt her that’s when she said enough was enough and they went months without speaking to each other, she said he had a drinking problem’

Kid Fella has yet to answer any of these claims as they have been lingering for over a year now. The two are now back together as we are told that Nicki would rather share him than lose him altogether.

‘Most people fail to realize abused victims always go back to there abuser because of the trauma that was caused and the blame being placed. Nicki is not weak for going back, she is strong because she is leading with love’

Congrats Kid Fella on having two beautiful loving loyal woman on your team.


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