Kid Fella X Rihanna Matching SUVs

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It’s official, welcome Kid Fella to the Cadillac family. Earlier today the boss was seen at the Cadillac dealer in Fort Lauderdale purchasing a brand new 2017 Escalade.

On lookers say

‘He came in around 10 AM and they inked the deal at around 2:30 PM we are very excited to have him respresenting the Cadillac brand alongside Rihanna’

Rihanna and Kid Fella will both now be seen out and about the town in there new black on black Escalades and also with State Farm backing the young married couple for there insurance needs.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

Update: Chase bank system down after Kid Fella’s Debit card goes missing.

Earlier today Kid Fella lost his Chase Disney Debit Card with millions of his dollars on it.

Bank Customer Service Representative

‘The system is down right now, with a balance available on the card it will cause interruptions in the system if the card is being swipped at a speed the system can’t recognize or prepared to handle. We are investigating the situation and prepared to 100% reimburse Mr. Lewis if any of his funds come up missing’


Sales Manager

‘Donavan is set to pick up his 2017 Cadillac Escalade Premium on Monday, we are installing tinted windows’

Update #2: Kid Fella files complaint against STEVE Z. PLOTNIK to Judge for harassment.

A court order is being filed against the sales and leasing consultant of Cadillac for harrasment towards the 28 Year old rapper.

Donavan Lewis was told by Steve that he would hang him as a witness was present, was not treated fair as a customer as Donavan wanted to see a Black on Black 2017 Escalade ESV Platinum and was not allowed to and for using inappropriate language in a buisness meeting telling Donavan not to Fuck up the deal as Donavan paid for his vehicle and was over charged’

Kid Fella will upgrade to the vehicle of his choice free of charge and Steve Z. Plotnik is to stay 150 feet away from Donavan upon his arrival to pick up his truck.

Update #3: Cadillac hit with a $50 million lawsuit.

‘What was said to Mr. Lewis was beyond verbal harassment and extortion was also involved’

Update #4: Kid Fella wins court case, Cadillac has settled the case Donavan will be awarded $25 million in New Money!

‘We are happy that this case settled quickly, That type of inappropriate conduct is not allowed in the work force’

Congratulations Kid Fella!

Price tag: $86,000 – $100,000


Update #5: Rihanna buys a new car for her husband?

Sources say

‘The vehicle is a brand new 2017 Chevrolet Impala, Kid Fella has a few business meetings this month and Mrs. Lewis felt it would be great for her husband as he is looking to close on a major deal’

Neither party was available for comment.

congrats Kid Fella

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