Kid Fella Checks In To The Hospital


The boss checked into the hospital last night after paramedics were called at 10AM to the Fort Lauderdale, FL home of the 28 year old rapper after a call was made about complications with his breathing.

On lookers say

The Paramedics showed up and Kid Fella was taken to the hospital.

The hospital Kid Fella was taken to was Plantation General Hospital were he was treated by doctors and nurses for flu like symptoms, breathing complications and a fever.
Kid Fella was giving oxygen, medicine and rested at the hospital for approximately 2 hours before being checked out of the Emergency room by his care taker and being greeted by a group of fans outside of the hospital.

Kid Fella is now back at home resting and following doctors orders.

Get well soon!


Rihanna checks in to Harvard!

Last night 29 Year old Pop Superstar Rihanna was photographed leaving the residents of her and her husbands New York Condominium in Manhattan, heading to JFK to catch a jet to Boston for her Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Rihanna received the news of her husband being in the hospital as everyone else on Instagram did. The two have spoken since then.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis


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