Kid Fella $100 Million Check

Congratulations Kid Fella on recieveing $100,000,000 retirement check from Young Money Entertainment.

Nicki Minaj 34, who discovered the 28 year old rapper, business man, stock investor, summer 2014 has renegotiated a healthy check on Kid Fella’s behalf which will have him laughing straight to the bank.

Update: Kid Fella inks deal with Chevron.

The boss speaks.

C5 coming soon, fuck Cash Money it’s the ROC

– Lil Wayne

Update #2: Congrats Kid Fella on joining Merrill Edge, inks deal for $231.9B

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The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artist 2017

Zack O’Malley Greenburg , FORBES STAFF

    1. Diddy ($820 million)
    2. Jay Z ($810 million)
    3. Dr. Dre ($740 million)
    4. Birdman ($110 million)
    5. Drake ($90 million)


Kid Fella X Rihanna New York City


It’s going down, on September 14, 2017 Kid Fella and Rihanna will be attending the third annual Diamond ball at New York City’s Cipriani Wall Street for Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation for underprivileged communities in health, education and art.

Rihanna speaks

‘It’s a great way to celebrate the Clara Lionel Foundation’s accomplishments as well as bring awareness to our mission globally. I know it’ll be a night to remember’

For table reservations visit Cipriani

The World’s Billionaires

Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Congratulations Kid Fella on earning a $100,000,000.00 check.

The boss speaks.

I appreciate Chase for believing in me since day one, we’ve come a long way together. I am now retired because of setting goals, taking risk and making smart investments. I hope to be an inspiration to the younger generation.

Update: Rihanna retires at 29

Update #2: Kid Fella inks a lifetime deal with JPMorgan Chase for $306.6 Billion.

Beyoncé Knowles Forbes 2017 Celebrity 100 Earnings $105 M #2

Kim Kardashian West $45 M #47

Kylie Jenner $41 M #59

Stephen Curry $43.7 M #42

Rihanna $36 M #77

Usain Bolt $34.2 M #88

Serena Williams Forbes 2017 Highest -Payed Athletes Earnings $27 M #51

Congrats Kid Fella and Rihanna on becoming new Chase credit card holders.

Kid Fella on the 2017 Forbes List by age 28 for America’s Top Public Companies owning 100%


Update #1: Kid Fella inks record deal with Warner Music Group for $3,300,000,000

Update #2: Lewis Family inks $1,400,000,000 car insurance deal. America’s Richest Families.




10th Highest Grossing Film of All Time

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Robyn Rihanna Fenty Lewis

60 million units sold.


Mr. & Mrs. Lewis made the Empire State Building in honor of Kid Fella first classic RIAA certified Platinum album Y.N.I.C and Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary.


Personal Banker: STEPHANIE CELIS



Rolls Royce

Warner Music Group

Manolo Blahnik 

Kid Fella X Rihanna Diamond-Encrusted Wedding Ring


The boss took to Instagram yesterday morning to showcase his new 2017 Rolls Royce diamond- encrusted automobile and tagging his wife badgalriri in the post.

‘The car is painted with real diamond dust’

The automobile makers won’t give away the price tag on the car as Kid Fella requested it remain private.

Rihanna was spotted with a friend sporting what some say to be her wedding ring earlier this week as she went live on Instagram.

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Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis


Kid Fella Fashion Show!


Get ready as Kid Fella will be showcasing his #RICHFAAMXPUMA outfit on April 16th at 1PM at the Chase branch located on 10016 W Oakland Park Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33351

The fashion event will be held at the bank and all fans that will attend will recieve up to $700 to open a new checking, savings account or both with a total of a $10,000 deposit.

This comes after Rihanna showcased her #FENTYXPUMA collection in Paris, France on Monday at FENTY University, which brought out many business associates for the runway event.

Don’t be late!


Rihanna is currently in Miami, FL for Spring break as her husband is in Fort Lauderdale getting ready to head to Miami on Friday. Sources say

‘Kid Fella has an important private meeting on Friday at 1PM with BMW to view the showroom and to pick up his new 2017 750i xDrive that he ordered and it has finally arrived in time for his big event next month’

Since taking on the Ambassador job in 2016 Kid Fella has elevated BMW to become the leading premium brand manufacturer in the world as sales continue to see a solid growth!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

Update: Kid Fella signs Rich The Kid and Asia Sparks to RICHFAAM Records.

The Boss Speaks

‘With the platforms I have such as iTunes and Spotify and the company’s my wife has stocks in such as Google Play and Tidal, will allow these artist to showcase there talent on a larger scale’

Both artist will recieve a $100K advance for two albums and will retain creative rights.

Update #2: Rest in peace Biggie Smalls, today we celebrate 20 years of his life.

What did The Notorious B.I.G mean to you?

‘Being born in Jamaica and coming to America at 11 months old and being raised in The Bronx New York City,  Biggie Smalls paved the way for artist like myself. He was an amazing story teller and he painted such a vivid picture through his music. He is Gone but never forgotten’

– Kid Fella

Update #3: Nicki Minaj claps back at Remy Ma with three new diss records, ‘No Frauds’ featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Available now on Spotify!



Rich The Kid Inks Deal With Interscope For $2,000,000.00


IMG_2497Pre-order Now, Available May 19th

Kid Fella Wins Court Case, Rihanna Paris!


Congratulations to the boss on winning yet another court case. Kid Fella who’s real name is Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. was involved in a scam with ED MORSE BAYVIEW CADILLAC which left the 28 year old business man having to take extreame measures to get back what was rightfully his.

Attorney speaks

‘When you do legit business with a car dealer ship you are expecting to leave with a car, not over pay for an item in cash and leave with no car key or receipt and told two days later that the paper work was null and void and a return is not possible, that is called theivery and telling a customer you will hang them is a criminal offense’

Kid Fella was awarded a $25 million settlement.

Rihanna does fashion week in style, Mrs. Lewis was in Paris, France on Monday and unveiled the third collection of her FENTYXPUMA line which was live streamed at 3PM at Fenty University a themed show set in a library space functioned as a runway. Cara Delevigne, Future, The Dream, The Fenty’s and more were in attendance.

Kid Fella took to Instagram to let his fans know how much he supports his wife by posting ‘I’m so proud of my sexy ass pretty wife, we are going to take some time together and have a baby! #FENTYXPUMA tagging bad gal RiRi in the post. This comes after Rihanna professed her obsession for her husband.

We are very excited for the news. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

Kid Fella, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj Relationship


We have inside tea on this love triangle between the Boss, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

The Summer of 2014 Kid Fella 25 years old was discovered by Nicki Minaj as the two quickly hit it off and started working shortly after that. Rihanna came that same summer as Kid Fella was communicating with both woman at the time according to insider reports.

Sources tell us due to Kid Fella and Rihanna becoming close, it led to Nicki Minaj stepping out of the relationship and persuing a industry relationship with Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill which was short lived.

‘Nicki loved him, she invited him to LA for a meeting and even wanted him to move in with her but he wasn’t ready at the time because Rihanna was enticing him to leave Nicki I believe’

It worked as Nicki Minaj walked away from the relationship and Kid Fella remained with Rihanna as the two are now married but sources say Nicki was in an abusive relationship.

‘He would emotionally abuse her and also one day was going to physically hurt her that’s when she said enough was enough and they went months without speaking to each other, she said he had a drinking problem’

Kid Fella has yet to answer any of these claims as they have been lingering for over a year now. The two are now back together as we are told that Nicki would rather share him than lose him altogether.

‘Most people fail to realize abused victims always go back to there abuser because of the trauma that was caused and the blame being placed. Nicki is not weak for going back, she is strong because she is leading with love’

Congrats Kid Fella on having two beautiful loving loyal woman on your team.


Kid Fella X Rihanna Matching SUVs

  • IMG_2425

It’s official, welcome Kid Fella to the Cadillac family. Earlier today the boss was seen at the Cadillac dealer in Fort Lauderdale purchasing a brand new 2017 Escalade.

On lookers say

‘He came in around 10 AM and they inked the deal at around 2:30 PM we are very excited to have him respresenting the Cadillac brand alongside Rihanna’

Rihanna and Kid Fella will both now be seen out and about the town in there new black on black Escalades and also with State Farm backing the young married couple for there insurance needs.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

Update: Chase bank system down after Kid Fella’s Debit card goes missing.

Earlier today Kid Fella lost his Chase Disney Debit Card with millions of his dollars on it.

Bank Customer Service Representative

‘The system is down right now, with a balance available on the card it will cause interruptions in the system if the card is being swipped at a speed the system can’t recognize or prepared to handle. We are investigating the situation and prepared to 100% reimburse Mr. Lewis if any of his funds come up missing’


Sales Manager

‘Donavan is set to pick up his 2017 Cadillac Escalade Premium on Monday, we are installing tinted windows’

Update #2: Kid Fella files complaint against STEVE Z. PLOTNIK to Judge for harassment.

A court order is being filed against the sales and leasing consultant of Cadillac for harrasment towards the 28 Year old rapper.

Donavan Lewis was told by Steve that he would hang him as a witness was present, was not treated fair as a customer as Donavan wanted to see a Black on Black 2017 Escalade ESV Platinum and was not allowed to and for using inappropriate language in a buisness meeting telling Donavan not to Fuck up the deal as Donavan paid for his vehicle and was over charged’

Kid Fella will upgrade to the vehicle of his choice free of charge and Steve Z. Plotnik is to stay 150 feet away from Donavan upon his arrival to pick up his truck.

Update #3: Cadillac hit with a $50 million lawsuit.

‘What was said to Mr. Lewis was beyond verbal harassment and extortion was also involved’

Update #4: Kid Fella wins court case, Cadillac has settled the case Donavan will be awarded $25 million in New Money!

‘We are happy that this case settled quickly, That type of inappropriate conduct is not allowed in the work force’

Congratulations Kid Fella!

Price tag: $86,000 – $100,000


Update #5: Rihanna buys a new car for her husband?

Sources say

‘The vehicle is a brand new 2017 Chevrolet Impala, Kid Fella has a few business meetings this month and Mrs. Lewis felt it would be great for her husband as he is looking to close on a major deal’

Neither party was available for comment.

congrats Kid Fella

Kid Fella Checks In To The Hospital


The boss checked into the hospital last night after paramedics were called at 10AM to the Fort Lauderdale, FL home of the 28 year old rapper after a call was made about complications with his breathing.

On lookers say

The Paramedics showed up and Kid Fella was taken to the hospital.

The hospital Kid Fella was taken to was Plantation General Hospital were he was treated by doctors and nurses for flu like symptoms, breathing complications and a fever.
Kid Fella was giving oxygen, medicine and rested at the hospital for approximately 2 hours before being checked out of the Emergency room by his care taker and being greeted by a group of fans outside of the hospital.

Kid Fella is now back at home resting and following doctors orders.

Get well soon!


Rihanna checks in to Harvard!

Last night 29 Year old Pop Superstar Rihanna was photographed leaving the residents of her and her husbands New York Condominium in Manhattan, heading to JFK to catch a jet to Boston for her Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Rihanna received the news of her husband being in the hospital as everyone else on Instagram did. The two have spoken since then.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis