Kid Fella Car Stolen?


This morning at 8:00 AM it was reported that the 28 year old Rapper Kid Fella $120,000 car was stolen in Fort Lauderdale, FL

‘The call was placed to the police that his car was stolen, so we are on the lookout for it now. It was reported that his BMW 745 LI is usually in his driveway, but this one night it was in the nearest parking lot in the complex he is currently staying in and went missing at some time that night’

This is not the first time the Rap Star car has been a victim of theft. In 2016 his cars including his Mercedes Benz E350 4 Matic valued at $90,000 were reported stolen 5 times and each time retrieved but at the expense of Kid Fella.

We will keep you updated.


It seems to be an inside job as sources say they heard no noise when the car went missing.

‘His cars are very well kept and they keep coming around stealing his property to gain money from him. He never parks in that spot so it had to be called in from someone in the complex to come steal the car’

Update #2: Kid Fella car recovered. His black BMW 745 Li is now back in custody of the young rapper as it was confiscated and found around 2:30 PM

update #3: BMW brand ambassador Kid Fella gets into verbal confrontation with woman at Chevron gas station.

Yesterday at around 9PM Kid Fella was spotted at the gas station in Fort Lauderdale, FL when in the convienent store he and a young woman went at it resulting in Kid Fella calling her a bitch.

On lookers say, she said something to Kid Fella that got him on the defensive side.

‘She was thirsty and got put in her place. She seemed to enjoy being demeaned by him as she had a look on her face that said she was willing to fuck on the spot before Kid Fella exited the store with no return’

This isn’t the first heated argument he’s been in as a few months ago he allegedly called a Wells Fargo branch manager a ‘fucking faggot’

Kid Fella has yet to confirm rumors, we will keep you updated.

Update #4: Kid Fella’s car was stolen once again yesterday morning by All County Towing, this is the second time in two weeks costing the Rap Superstar $300 On lookers said they came back around at 12:00 AM they are now under investigation.

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