Kid Fella and Rihanna New Mansion


Congrats to Hennessy Ambassador and wife on entering there soon to be home. Real estate agent say’s they took a tour of the 10,000 sq. ft. property in Boca Raton, Florida.

‘I sent my boss the listings of the prechosen homes and he made a decision and I set up a date. He arrived one hour and a half late due to technical issues but I remained patient and waited for him to arrive’

‘We took a tour of the $3 million estate and right away he knew this was the home as it was beautiful if I may add. I contacted him this morning and he replied that he was discussing the details with his wife and he would keep me updated’

As for Rihanna she is very happy closest friends and colleagues say.

‘She is viewing the photos of the mansion, getting ready to go over the paperwork and still in limbo about if this is the property plus the choice of furniture she thinks would complete the spot. It’s a process and she is not rushing’

Fans also met the 28 year old Rap star as he took a tour of the country club.

Seems like RiRi has the final say on the home of choice since she is the woman, so we will just have to wait and see what she ultimately picks.

Update: Kid Fella World Tour?

Kid Fella took to Instagram yesterday to showcase his new swimming pool at the Boca Raton residence with the caption ‘I appreciate each and every fan I met yesterday! with the hashtag #FUCKYOURTOUR tagging his wife Rihanna in the post which left many fans speculating if he was hinting at some show dates.

This afternoon at 1:00 PM Kid Fella again posted a picture to IG of him on the mansions balcony with the caption ‘I’m on top bitches’ #FUCKYOURTOUR tagging Nicki Minaj and Tinashe in the post.

Within fifteen minutes he returned with yet another post from Reverbnation stating, Londons most innovative radio station is interested in putting the 28 year old Rap Superstar single in rotation. He followed up by posting ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ with the words America and Overseas tagging Rihanna, Nick Minaj and Tinashe in post.

According to Reverbnation ‘the tour sold out within an hour and fans are very excited about the idea and are waiting for dates and locations’

Was Kid Fella just trolling his followers or are they secretly working on a tour.  With the concert tittle being so controversial it sure has fans entertained.

Update #2

Congratulations Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on becoming Super Bowl LI Champions defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34 – 28

After having such a successful season and Super Bowl, sources are telling us that Pop Superstar Rihanna wants her husband to call it quits.

‘She is very happy to be his wife and is very proud of his accomplishments as she seen him take the necessary steps to be great, but she just thinks it’s time to move on. She wants to spend most of her time with him and not be put to the side because he is to busy. She feels he has made enough money to where they can raise there family and live a happy life but with him being absent all the time is causing her to be upset.

Sources say Kid Fella is feeling young and energized and can’t see him self giving up his career right now. ‘His music career is really now taking off and for him to retire would most likely frustrate him but she is right he does have enough money to were he can call it quits. She is just being concerned for her mans future.

At 28 and on top of his game do you think Kid fella should listen to his wife and retire?


At $100 a ticket #FUCKYOURTOUR is completely sold out.

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