Kid Fella Interview Post Jail

SW: Hello Kid Fella and happy holidays, thank you for choosing to do this interview with me.

KF: Your welcome.

SW: Did you enjoy Christmas?

KF: I had a great time, I seen many smiling faces.

SW: awesome, congratulations on the success of your latest LP ‘Black Friday’

KF: I appreciate it.

SW: The album went 4x platinum in the first week of its release, was it the response you were looking for?

KF: definitely.

SW: ‘Black Friday’ was released at midnight without any promotion, was it a surprise album?

KF: yea, it was released in the middle of the night because I wanted my fans to feel excited about the release. What better way to accomplish that by a surprise release.

SW: Nicki Minaj was featured on the album twice, how did that happen?

KF: When I was on house arrest she was sending me new music to check out and I thought they were dope so I put it on my album like fuck it.

SW: you recently was on house arrest for six months what was that time like?

KF: It was terrible, I’m use to having money and being in the streets whenever I feel like and my freedom was taking away from me for that amount of time. It was stressful.

SW: You got a lot of support while you were on house arrest, who surprised you the most?

KF: Eminem. He would send me letters while I was in there. His music also helped the time fly.

SW: You recently got engaged to Rihanna for the second time and as we know she was holding you down while you were doing your bid. What made you say yes?

KF: When I was locked she was very loyal. My commissary was always full, I always had weed and my cell phones worked. She held it down like a real bitch. We were already engaged when I was on house arrest. Now she just wanted the world to know.

SW: Sources say she had problems helping you at some point with commissary. What was that about?

KF: The judge wanted to teach me a lesson but I would still have a little money to do what I had to do. They didn’t like that I guess so they stopped her from sending me money like a month or two left before my release.

SW: Did anyone else hold you down while on house arrest?

KF: I got a lot of support. Shout out to Jeezy that ‘Trap or Die 3’ helped out a lot.

SW: Lil Wayne went through a similar situation a few years back did he have any words for you while being on house arrest?

KF: Yea, Tune would always text me.

SW: I can imagine it was hard on your baby mommas.

KF: It was but they held me down. I always had something to eat.

SW: You recently had a court appearance for a complaint by a young Lady named Vanessa what was that about?

KF: just a bitch being a bitch and her sucker manager being a sucker. She made a $125K off that shit though.

SW: have you two spoken since?

KF: yea we spoke. I’m not mad at her. She would always text me and got me out the house for a few hours and wore some sexy ass outfit to come see me while I was locked. She played her part.

SW: You recently discovered a new talent named Aquafina can you talk about how you discovered her.

KF: She would come by my place a few times a week and I seen the star potential, so we spoke and we kept in contact and she knew what she wanted.

SW: She has went on to have huge success thus far. How was that achieved in such a short time as she was only discover by you around April of this year?

KF: I would guide her and she would follow. I have a Aquafina vending machine at my place/gym and she sells out that machine so fast it’s amazing to see.

SW: How did she hold you down when on house arrest?

KF: She would always send me letters. I have a stack of them.

SW: I’m so glad your free and we hope it stays this way for good, you had everyone so worried.

KF: To my fans I ensure this will never happen again. I really didn’t know hip hop police had it out for me like that but my lawyer game to strong!

SW: Thank you and Happy New Year. 🙂

KF: Your welcome.

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