Kid Fella Cashes In Off Aquafina Water


 The boss banks $406.8 million.

LS: Merry Christmas Kid Fella!

KF: Appreciate it.

LS: You recently collaborated with Disney for there new Ice Age: Collision Course movie, how did that place?

KF: I got a bitch named Aquafina and she got a role in a movie.

LS: How did you find this talent?

KF: She would come over to my place a few times a week and I saw the talent and I instantly had to have her.

LS: She is very beautiful, What do you see next for her?

KF: She’s a good girl and a very hardworking young lady and I am very impressed with what she was able to accomplish in such a short time, with my continuance guidance and direction she will continue to be successful.

LS: I appreciate your time!

Update: Congratulations Aquafina for getting an NFL placement.

During today’s SEA vs ATL football playoff game, Aquafina was mentioned for a quick placement ad.


Aquafina was mentioned during the second quarter of the Steelers vs Patriots AFC championship game!

Congrats to the Patriots for winning the AFC Championship. Tune in Sun, 2/5 at 6:30 PM on Fox against the Falcons!


Tune in to watch on Sunday, 1/29 at 8pm ET on ESPN.

AFC 20 – NFC 13

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