Kid Fella Giving Expensive Gifts By Rihanna


Just because it’s Monday Rihanna decides to splurge on her man by gifting him a brand new 2017 Bentley Continental GT and a brand new suede puma backpack that’s set to hit stores in November. Sources say It’s true, Riri just wants to keep a smile on his face so she is going all out for him. She loves him and wants to show her appreciation for him.

Fella has two woman, Vanessa and Rihanna in his life right now and they have plans to keep him very happy sources say. ‘He is very happy right now that they are looking to get along for the betterment of the relationship and they plan on working together to keep they’re man happy so he won’t have to seek love or happiness from anywhere else’

With a new black on black Bentley, a new Puma backpack for his money and credit cards, a new workout facility and two beautiful (Hispanic, Barbadian) wife in laws on his arms, he sure is the happiest man in the world right now and they plan on keeping it that way.



Kid Fella married!
Vanessa Lewis 💍 Robyn Rihanna Lewis 💍

Update: Vanessa Ziccardi disappears from Instagram and twitter.

27 year old therapists Vanessa has been missing from social media since the case she lost against Kid Fella due to his fan base bombarding her with messages. They feel as if she was just a gold digger and tried to take advantage of a made up situation. Back in 2016 Vanessa filed a police report against Kid Fella and got a restraining order against the Young Superstar.

Sources say she fabricated a story for a check.

‘She made up a huge story and presented it to a judge and because of who he is they blew it out of proportion. Her attorney wanted him to face time in prison but the judge denied her domestic abuse allegations. Kid Fella chose to settle the case than to go to trial. We believe he felt she was not worth it. Her boss Ben Kores hated on Kid Fella and cooperated with the cops because Vanessa had a crush on the young superstar. They spent many evenings together as she would invite him over, be sexually provocative toward him, they even spent time together on her birthday and she also agreed for Kid Fella to teach her how to shoot in the gym. We believe it stems from jealousy.

Kid Fella has kept quite about the court case as he continues to break records. Sources say

‘He gives the situation no thought’

Kid Fella and Vanessa are not married as those were only rumors.


The boss splurges at the FENTYXPUMA store in Sawgrass mall in Florida.

On Monday Kid Fella took a trip to the puma store and employees say he made a few purchases.

‘He came in sipping Aquafina water, picked out a few pieces and left pretty quickly. One of the most memorable items he purchased was his new signature blue and white puma shorts that were designed this 2017 season mainly for him to show our full support behind his brand. He also picked out socks and boxers. Cart came up to $200

Kid Fella’s Birthday is approaching and for his born day he decided to throw a mansion party in Biscayne Bay and invited anyone who wants to come. Sources say he purchased the Master King Suite.

‘For his bday he purchased the biggest room in the 4 star Hilton Hotel & Resort Downtown with a price tag of $500 per night, an accomodating view of Miami Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, also bought out the bar and his liquor of choice Hennessy will be served at his 4PM pool party/all night celebration checking out at 12PM the next day’

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