Kid Fella has a Groupie


Many artist have fans but then some artist such as Kid Fella have groupies, her name is Blondie and she is out of Fort Lauderdale FL, sources say she has a major crush on the young rising superstar. This isn’t the first female that has wanted to have sexual relations with Fella.

‘It gets crazy when Fella is out and about. I’ve seen girls literally beg to give him blowjobs/3 sums in club bathrooms, signal to leave with him after gym workouts to have sex and girls that drive hours to his residence for a chance to be with him. It’s not safe when he is out as these girls will do anything or sleep with any member of his band for a night with Fella’

He handles it so well as he remains focused and doesn’t get caught up in the whole groupie thing. He is real picky on who he will sleep with but that doesn’t stop these girls from trying. They stalk him for his attention and sometimes even lie and say they slept with him. I’ve seen it all!

Update: Larsa, now ex wife of six time NBA Champion Scottie Pippin is a groupie. Sources say she slept with young Rap Star Future to get close to Kid Fella. ‘She has a massive crush on the 27 year old Rap Superstar and she was prepared to fuck whoever to get to him. She was told by future if she wants to get to the boss she has to go through him first’. It’s common for a groupie to have sexual relations with a member of a band to get to the leader!


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