Kid Fella Inks $2M Partnership With Young Money!


It’s official, Kid Fella inks $2 million partnership with Nicki Minaj and Young Money. Nicki Minaj has been instrumental in Fella’s carrer behind the scenes since the summer of 2014.

Nicki Co-executive produced his first Spotify commercially successful platinum album ‘YNIC’ and put together the single ‘Truffle Butter’ with heavy hitters Lil Wayne, Drake and gave Fella the green light to put out the remix that ultimately went certified platinum according to RIAA. $1.3 million will be for Fella’s solo work and $700 thousand to fund his independent label.


Update: Happy 34th Birthday Nicki Minaj, We hope all your dreams and wishes come true!



The boss speaks on YM deal.

Fan Submission

JN: Good morning Kid Fella I appreciate your time.

KF: Your welcome!

JN: Last year it was reported that you came to an agreement with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label, how did that come about.

KF: Due to my relationship with Nicki, she gets the job done.

JN: Did you always see yourself linking up with a company such as Young Money ENT?

KF: I did always want to do business with Cash Money/Young Money. I always thought I was that missing piece they needed.

JN: You’ve spoken on your run in with Lil Wayne in the past can you elaborate on that?

KF: I remember it like it was yesterday. I started my label and rapping at 16 and I was discovered by Lil Wayne post prison sentence at 22 on my birthday down by the Hit Factory in Miami. It wasn’t a easy task as I had to learn his schedule so I could get him to hear my music. I played the corner as he was exiting the studio in his Bugatti with friend Marley G and I asked him if he could stop. At first he was hesitant but he had to stop due to the stop sign. He then lowerd the window down and I spoke to him and told him to listen to it. The next day I came back and around 10 AM he stoped again and said ‘Yo shit hot blood’ I didn’t get a record deal but the confidence I got from those four words made me the artist I am today.

JN: Did you meet baby and was it difficult since they are Superstars?

KF: I did meet Birdman, he said wassup to me also but I never bothered to stop him because I knew once Wayne had it, it would work its way through. I fucking hate rejection so if he didn’t stop the Escalade I would been pissed. When I win I know when to exit. I had police officers pull guns out on me for this!

JN: Why do you think you weren’t signed at the time?

KF: At the time Wayne was just coming out of jail and I believe he felt he wasn’t ready for a Rap act as he did have other artist at the time and they were trying to break Cory Gunz.

JN: Did you get the chance to meet Corey Gunz?

KF: I seen him out before but we never met, I chopped it up with his God Father Shaq before down in Orlando. I been super busy but we will link up one day as he is from my hometown Bronx, New York!

JN: What has Nicki Minaj meant to your career?

KF: She really believed in me. When I was in the hood Nicki reached out and let me know she was interested and we started working on my album that week!

JN: ‘YNIC’ is RIAA Certified Platinum and considered a classic by many listeners. What was the advice Nicki Minaj gave you?

KF: She was my personal fan so she would let me know what she liked about my music and some of her favorite records I produced, so going into the project I made music for her and more fans like her.

JN: On ‘YNIC’ you have a song called ‘I Know You Want It’ that’s Certified Gold and many fans feel that song at the time was directed towards your now wife Rihanna, is that true?

KF: I appreciate all the fans that purchased it, that song was done from peeping one of her videos on MTV Jams the hopeless place song and I kind of wrote a song with the matching intensity and how she was making me feel at the time. She was to be on the hook but I had to turn my album in.

JN: Your Lady is a Roc Nation boss along side who discovered her Jay Z how does that make you feel?

KF: happy, my bitch is highly connected!

JN: How did you feel about the older generation of Rappers talking down on you new guys?

KF: I’m not sure what to think, I do receive a lot of hate but I don’t know why. Im just going to continue making my fans happy because that’s who I do it for.

JN: thank you so much for you time Kid Fella keep on rocking!

KF: your welcome!

JN: šŸ¤‘

Pt. 2

JN: What is it like being married to an island girl from Barbados?

KF: So far, so good!

JN: When Truffle Butter released back in 2014 the record sold 500,000 singles and when you added your verse it sold another 500K. Why do you think you connect with your fans so well?

KF: My fans seen my growth. They remember certain points and times of my career so they can identify with my struggles and success.

JN: You have a huge following of female fans from different races, explain your audience.

KF: they are just lovers of my music. I offer them a lifestyle and they enjoy it.

JN: Talk about Drake, he has had a huge impact on the game and he is still fairly young. Do you see him as your competition?

KF: I don’t make music to be the second best so yes I do compete, but mostly against myself. I’m always looking to give my fans a better project than the last.

JN: Rihanna was involved with Ex Chris Brown years ago and was a victim of domestic violence. Do you feel you have to take on her past problems?

KF: We have never once spoke about that situation in the three years we’ve been together, it was something that happened years before me so I don’t let it get to me. My bitch is well protected now!

JN: You’ve been linked to many girls in the past how does your wife view that?

KF: I’m famous and have I groupies, it’s a part of the lifestyle and she understood that. Now she spends most of her time trying to keep them bitches out of my bed. So far so good!

Pt. 3 coming soon!

JN: How do you feel about the way your treated by the media?

KF: I don’t be giving a fuck, I make money and there broke so I see why they would be hating on me!

JN: They have been trying to discredit your name in the media for years why do you think your such a target?

KF: Because I’m getting a lot of attention and they mad that it’s not there favorite artist. I’m having $50K on me as we speak, my bitch nominated for Grammy’s. I’m mansion shopping, I got a BMW, I’m about to go pick up the 2018 Bentley. I’m living my life, I wish they would do the same!

JN: What’s next for RICHFAAM?

KF: We will continue to make history, Ferg-Gotti ‘Moving Weight’ single hot right now so I’m just focused on the team and eventually looking to expand the sqvad.

JN: We will continue to support, thank you!

KF: I appreciate it and Your welcome!


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