Kid Fella’s Asisstant In Love With Her Boss!


It happens all the time were two people work together and at some point someone will catch feelings and in this case Kid Fella’s assistant has caught feelings for her boss. 36 year old Kimberly Kardashian West is a mogul in her own right but was not afraid to take on a new challenge when she stepped up and became a working partner with Kid Fella to enhance the company’s success far beyond music. She absolutely loves working for the company as she sees so much potential for the future.

After her Paris robbery Kimberly has had the time to put things into perspective and sources say, she wants an opportunity to tame the 27 year old as she feels he needs her love. She thinks he is a great leader, very charming and his creativeness is one of a kind so it’s hard to not want him to herself.

Kid Fella is currently in a relationship with 28 year old Pop Superstar Rihanna and 27 year old therapist out of Florida Vanessa so this would mean he would have three girlfriends. Is this something Kimberley would be interested in, sources say yes she knows of the two woman and she does want to come between them but just wants to seize the moment. She is quite aware of her bosses relationship status and hopes to be a wife in law!

Update: Kimberly buys her boss a 2017 Rolls Royce Wraith. Kid Fella posted via his Instagram page ‘I have the best assistant’ Nice car!

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