Rihanna Inks $50 Million Deal With Bank Of America!


It has been a great year for Rihanna thus far and it will only get better as the ‘American Oxygen’ Singer has just inked a $50 million deal for two years with Bank Of America, a one of a kind deal. Kid Fella has been in negotiations all year and it was out of Wells Fargo and Bank Of America but Wells Fargo dropped the ball at the end and Bank Of America became the winners.

‘Everyone is excited to have Rhianna at Bank Of America and we just want her to continue to shine. Her work speaks for itself, she is a brand and it’s the perfect fit’



Update: Rihanna banks $386M off her role in the 2015 animated PG film ‘Home’ distributed by fox.

Rihanna is currently on set for her new role in the ‘Oceans Eight’ movie being shot in New York City, set to be released in 2018.

Update #2: Robyn Rihanna Lewis checks in to Bates Motel.

Rihanna has been filming her scene for the fifth and final episode for the American drama series alongside British actress Cara Delevingne. Final episode on A&E airs February, 20th at 10/9c.

Update #3: Late night on January 22nd Rihanna and thousands protest outside of Trump Towers in New York City for woman’s rights!


Mrs. Lewis takes to Instagram and states, former President Obama leaving the White House is similiar to the ‘worst breakup ever’

Update #4: Rihanna’s husband celebrates his 28th birthday on 1/24

The sold out event sponsored by Hennessy took place in Hilton Miami Downtown, a 45,000 sq. ft. mansion on Biscayne Bay with 585 rooms decked out with all the finest amenities. Fans and business associates partied at the pool by day and hotel lobby/ballroom all through the night util 6AM the next morning. Mr. Lewis was presented a cake minus the sporks and paper plates as he made $100,000 that night.


Draped in all black designer gear from shirt, socks to Ferrari book bag gifted by Puma Ambassador Rihanna, matte black shades by Electric and black, white and red bottom Nike Air Jordan 12 shoes, the red carpet event was a success!

According to valet parking staff upon arrival paparazzi was present at the entrance of the hotel.

‘When Kid Fella noticed he quickly went in another direction to avoid unnecessary attention, valet was $100’


Update #5 ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ singer Rihanna is now seven times platinum from singles Work, Sex With Me and Love On The Brain off of the double Platinum album ‘Anti’

Update #6: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis give touching speeches to students.

This morning Kid Fella took to Instagram to address The Art Institute of Florida incoming freshman students to achieve there academic goals this year, no excuses.

As for Rhianna on 1/27 she was also in attendance at a secondary school in Malowi’s Capitol Lilongwe. Below students crowd around the 28 year old international star!

Update #7: Rihanna banks $200M from her shares in Tidal a streaming service company co-owned by Jay Z. Tidal the competitor to Spotify and Apple Music sold 33% of its stock to Sprint and also offered a board of directors job position for Sprints CEO in the New York City office.

Rihanna’s previous album ‘Anti’ was originally released exclusively on Tidal then offered to Spotify. In 2016 Rihanna toped Spotify’s year end list for most popular act!

Update #8: Spotify CEO Kid Fella spending $36,000 a month on plush home in New York?

The boss spares no expense when it comes to living as his supermodel wife walks around his Manhattan pad that totals to $432,000 a year. Kid Fella also owns a mansion in Barbados where Rihanna and family reside that cost the young Superstar $22 million. Her father Ronald Fenty recently also acquired a mansion for $1.8 million courtesy of his Son in law.

Since getting married on 12/20 Mr. & Mrs. Lewis are looking to purchase there first home together. Rihanna currently has her mind set on a 6 bedroom, 6.2 bathroom mansion in Boca Raton, Florida for a price tag of $2.8 million. We will have to wait and see what she ultimately picks. A happy wife, happy life!



Update #9: Rihanna and Azealia Banks go at it on Instagram, sources say Azealia started to fight with Kid Fella’s wife over jealousy.

‘She has a major crush on him and is very upset that Rihanna got the man that she wants’IMG_2049

Update #10: The boss Banks $2.6B Super Bowl LI. Congratulations to owner Robert Kraft, five time NFL champion Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on becoming the Super Bowl Champions.

Kid Fella takes owner ship of wife Rihanna website

Account Closed, new checking account issued.

All eyez on Kid Fella

Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton, wins Presidential election. img_0115img_0597

Protest being held all over the world to impeach Donald Trump!

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