Interview With Kid Fella #2

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with me!

KF: Your welcome.

What is it like being a Boss?

KF: Being a Boss has it’s ups and downs. But so far so good.

You were injured for almost 8 months. What was that time period in your life like?

KF: It was rough. I was not able to do anything. My every move was monitored. I also lost out on millions of dollars. But I think the time was needed. It made me appreciate life a lot more.

Are you saying you didn’t appreciate life before?

KF: I did, but being on bed rest for 8 months will give you time to reflect on life.

Recently you got engaged to Rihanna. Congrats! How will this change you moving forward?

KF: I Appreciate it. I will only become a better man. She makes me happy, and vice versa.

Will you two have babies?

KF: God Willing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

KF: At the Bank, Making heavy deposits and withdrawals, continuing to grow as a man, Building my empire, and giving other young talent a chance to provide for their family.

Why do you think your fans connect with you so much?

KF: Because I’m real. They believe in me. They seen me come up from the dirt.

Your brother Ferg-Gotti has been around since day one. How do you manage to maintain loyalty in this music business?

KF: We just smoke a lot of weed. Weed brings comradery.

RichFaaM at the moment is an Independent label. Do you see yourself ever merging with a Major label?

KF: I don’t think the record companies can afford me.

How do you feel about the Cash Money/Young Money dispute that has been going on?

KF: I can not speak on the situation because I am not 100% sure of what is going on, But I believe It’ll will work it self out in due time.

It was a pleasure talking to you. Any last words for the fans out there?

KF: Love ya 💯

Interview With Kid Fella

How are you Kid Fella?

KF: I’m doing great!

You been having a great year so far. What are you most proud of thus far this year?

KF: That I was able to release an official digital album this year, and work with some of the most amazing artist of my generation. I am so proud of myself for that.

Do you think Y.N.I.C was well received by the public?

KF: Only time will tell. My album came out in the midst of many other projects, So the focus was not entirely on me, But I still managed to do fine. I didn’t care if it sold or not, I was just thrilled to release an album.

You have been on countless features this year that have done phenomenal. Care to share your formula?

KF: No formula, I just go in the booth and make magic and it comes together well.

Drake & Future released a mixtape and you were a part of the “Plastic Bag Remix” How did that come about?

KF: I heard the song, liked it, recorded a verse, hit Drizzy and told him I’m dropping it. The rest is history.

Were you happy with the response?

KF: Yes, I am happy with the response to all the records I am a part of.

It was great talking to you, any last words to the fans?

KF: Thank You!