Kid Fella To Release Next Single With Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj!


After the success of “Formation” (Remix) and “Work” Kid Fella is back with the next single “Side To Side” off of the Classic compilation album “Kid Fella Remix Project 2” Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj will be performing live at the VMAs on Sunday in New York at 9pm and will also be revealing the official video for the single. Tune in!


Update: Last night was star studded. Rihanna,(Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Winner) Beyonce, Drake, Future, Kim Kardashian West, Rita Ora, Tinashe and Amber Rose were all in attendence at Madison Square Guarden for the VMAs. But the most talked about was non attendee Kid Fella. Last night after Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj premiered the next single off “Kid Fella Remix Project 2” during the commercial break Fella took to Twitter to announce he is taking Record Label meetings to close on a record contract. Fella has managed to create a massive buzz for himself and his independent record label so a pretty large check should be in process. Congrats!

Update 2: Beyonce goes on to win 6 awards for “Formation” and 1 for “Lemonade”


LaserAway Now Open In New York!


Kid Fella continues to expand on his business endeavors, by recently opening a brand new LaserAway store in his hometown New York City!

The Boss speaks: My decision to partner with LaserAway was easy, They have an amazing marketing team that made this partnership possible. The facility I was invited to in West Hollywood, CA, was very clean, the staff was very welcoming and had a great understanding of there work and company goals. We also have a facility in Beverly Hills. Expanding the company to New York is a great accomplishment for me.

Visit now to book your opointment.

Kid Fella Will Not Be Attending Lamborghini Broward SuperCar Saturday’s!


To all Kid Fella fans, He will not be attending Lamborghini Broward #SUPERCARSATURDAYS event today. Have Fun!

Update: Kid Fella was a no show at the Lamborghini Broward SuperCar Saturday this month for personal reasons and fans were highly upset that Fella was unable to attend. The last event Fella was styled in True Religion, Clavin Klein and adidas so fans were highly anticipating His clothing of choice this month. Fella did post via his Instagram page a photo of his Lamborghini Aventador that was purchased a few months ago at the first Lamborghini event that he attended with the caption “View of my garage”. Lifestyle of the young and rich.


Kid Fella Set To Release YNIC 2 Soon?

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.28.48 PM

Is Kid Fella getting ready to launch his highly anticipated solo second album YNIC 2? sources say that the album is complete and ready for mixing and mastering. The album has been done since November 27th, 2015. The entire album was recorded in 5 days, fastest time in recording an album since 2 pac’s “Makaveli: The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory” album, and was set to release on February 13th, 2016 but due to Fella’s legal situation at the time the album was pushed back and Fella was forced to release “Kid Fella Remix Project 2” a RICHFAAM Records compilation album to keep his name buzzing. the album failed to be released in the iTunes store and on Spotify due to clearance issues but still managed to go platinum through apple iPhone 6s Plus sales and CDs going out of stock on Cd Baby in 36 minutes. YNIC 2 is the sequel to the Platinum album YNIC and has Fella fans eager for its release. Sources say YNIC 2 could be the biggest selling hip hop release we have seen this year and iTunes an Spotify can not wait to have the album as they know streams and revenue will go through the roof.

Kid Fella has recently checked into therapy to heal his injuries due to a previous car accident which left him with a re torn meniscus in his left knee. Sources say Fella is bouncing back at tremendous speed. “Fella is looking leaner and healthier since checking into therapy were he is doing cardio and strengthening exercises to keep his body strong so he can get back to performing and playing basketball at a high level Asap”

Will we get a summer release, third quarter release or a fourth quarter release? Stay tuned for YNIC 2 release date.

Update: Kid Fella takes to Twitter to announce YNIC2 release date.


Kid Fella Mercedes Benz, Nicki Minaj Billboard!


Kid Fella in his Mercedes Benz E350 4Matic on Sunrise, FL the block he recorded his first solo album #YNIC with a billboard of Onika Miraj aka Nicki Minaj endorsing Moscato Myx a natural juice beverage which she co-owns. Fella’s first LP was co-executive produced by Onika Miraj and is certified Platinum!

Listen to Y.N.I.C by Kid Fella on @AppleMusic.

Kid Fella Pops Bottles!


Hennessy ambassador Kid Fella posted a picture via his Instagram page last night of him popping a Hennessy V.S bottle with the hashtag RICHFAAM in celebration of Rihanna selling out her Fenty by Rihanna collection yesterday morning. Sources say they spotted Fella at Fort Lauderdale beach enjoying the Florida weather and the waves of the water while smoking some exotic weed sources say. “Left on the cement was a half a pint of Hennessy and 4 cups, police also escorted a fan off the premises so Fella could enjoy the view.

Puma ambassador Rihanna released yesterday a brand new Camo Creeper shoe at 10am and the shoes quickly went out of stock in women and men sizes.