2016 Highest Paid Celebrity


  1. Kid Fella ($54.7 billion)

Net worth determined by calculating the assets of musicians/celebrities, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian West, Britney Spears and lucrative deals from Apple, my Vegas Slots and more.

– Natalie Robehmed

Kid Fella $50M In Las Vegas


Congratulations to the boss on banking $50 million off 100K purple poker chips on my Vegas slots!

‘We are so happy for him and also for ourselves, it was not an easy task as he really made us work for his attention. every three to four hours we would bring him poker chips and through out the day we were instructed to send him text message alerts to his phone to inform him about collecting his bonuses and jackpot rewards. It was a 24/7 job but we got it done in less than a month’

– Azia

Kid Fella vs Wells Fargo


Kid Fella has been having an on going issue with Wells Fargo for approximately a month now and it is causing the branch to lose a lot of customers due to Fella being vocal about his issues with the bank. Fella has invested in stocks and bonds with the company and has yet to receive his check and he feels they are holding him back due to rascism and also he feels branch managers were giving him bad advice in effort to cause the 27 year old to go bankrupt.

Banking specialist speaks: Mr. Lewis is a valued customer and business acquaintance that we respect dearly. We spoke for three hours today on the phone as he wanted to know what was the hold up. The conversation definitely turned into a heated argument today as he wanted his check now. We definitely sympathize with him but as we told Mr. Lewis it is a large sum of money and it has to be made, processed and these types of procedures have to go through great lengths to meet it’s specifications. We are working overtime trying to expedite the process as we understand he needs his money to continue to do the things necessary to remain successful.

We also understand he has a family and employees so we are doing our best but at this point it is out of our hands. In his case this can take up to 10-20 business days for him to receive his check. It’s standard time for this kind of deal. We are not rascist towards Mr. Lewis and we definitely understand his frustration and we plan on getting him his money ASAP.

– Karla Figueroa

Update: Kid Fella sparks change. During the OKC vs GSW commercial break Wells Fargo announced that they are rewnewing there commitment to all customers who were affected by any wrong doing by the company and will be refunded.

Thank You Kid Fella for voicing your opinion and standing up for your rights and the rights of others. It’s easy to stay quite about a situation that has affected many people but it takes courage to single handedly go against a corporation that can fight you with massive amounts of dollars. You will go down in history as someone who stood up for the voiceless!

Kid Fella Giving Expensive Gifts By Rihanna


Just because it’s Monday Rihanna decides to splurge on her man by gifting him a brand new 2017 Bentley Continental GT and a brand new suede puma backpack that’s set to hit stores in November. Sources say It’s true, Riri just wants to keep a smile on his face so she is going all out for him. She loves him and wants to show her appreciation for him.

Fella has two woman, Vanessa and Rihanna in his life right now and they have plans to keep him very happy sources say. ‘He is very happy right now that they are looking to get along for the betterment of the relationship and they plan on working together to keep they’re man happy so he won’t have to seek love or happiness from anywhere else’

With a new black on black Bentley, a new Puma backpack for his money and credit cards, a new workout facility and two beautiful (Hispanic, Barbadian) wife in laws on his arms, he sure is the happiest man in the world right now and they plan on keeping it that way.



Kid Fella married!
Vanessa Lewis 💍 Robyn Rihanna Lewis 💍

Kid Fella The Boss/Tech Genius


27 year old Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. also known as Kid Fella has become one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the tech world. Instagram was created in 2010 by company owners Kevin Systrom and Mark Kreiger as a free photo sharing app, Donavan seen a future with the company and quickly joined the community to help get his brand recognition. With currently 200,000 followers it has helped him create a massive buzz for his music. After seeing the success many other entertainers and business owners followed suit and joined the community as they also seen it as an outlet to communicate with an audience and to market product.

In the spring of 2012 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purchased the company for $1 billion. After successfully marketing his music and his brand, Donavan has went on to create new jobs in 2016 through the app as he currently has over forty employees that work for him. With a lifetime deal through Apple/Sprint he now has three iPhones and a Android Slate 8 Tablet that he uses to stay on top of business as he has netted $1.1 billion. It started with one employee and it grew through word of mouth.

Recently opening an office in Miami, FL Donavan and his employees continue to make bank as the business is estimated to be worth $2 billion, fastest company growth as it is only about 3 months old.

‘Being the boss of my startup company is amazing as I have dedicated female workers and it allows me to work from the office or home. We’re fairly new so we are still figuring things out but I am very happy that I was able to create new job opportunities for my staff and to see them actually making profits excites me as I knew we could do it if we stayed focused’

The startup company will only continue to grow and with a solid staff customers will continue to be satisfied!

Update: One of Donavan’s employees has nothing but Kind words to say about her boss.

‘His heart is very pure and that’s what makes him different. I am very thankful for everything’


One of Donavan’s employees was missing for a few days but she was recently found by the missing person’s NYPD squad!

‘She is doing great. Thank you to everyone that notified us and helped with the search’



Kid Fella has a Groupie


Many artist have fans but then some artist such as Kid Fella have groupies, her name is Blondie and she is out of Fort Lauderdale FL, sources say she has a major crush on the young rising superstar. This isn’t the first female that has wanted to have sexual relations with Fella.

‘It gets crazy when Fella is out and about. I’ve seen girls literally beg to give him blowjobs/3 sums in club bathrooms, signal to leave with him after gym workouts to have sex and girls that drive hours to his residence for a chance to be with him. It’s not safe when he is out as these girls will do anything or sleep with any member of his band for a night with Fella’

He handles it so well as he remains focused and doesn’t get caught up in the whole groupie thing. He is real picky on who he will sleep with but that doesn’t stop these girls from trying. They stalk him for his attention and sometimes even lie and say they slept with him. I’ve seen it all!

Update: Larsa, now ex wife of six time NBA Champion Scottie Pippin is a groupie. Sources say she slept with young Rap Star Future to get close to Kid Fella. ‘She has a massive crush on the 27 year old Rap Superstar and she was prepared to fuck whoever to get to him. She was told by future if she wants to get to the boss she has to go through him first’. It’s common for a groupie to have sexual relations with a member of a band to get to the leader!

Kid Fella – Fun Fact Of The Day


The Boss has done what no other artist has ever been able to achieve in music. Kid Fella has had three of the biggest artist of our time Co-executive produce his albums/projects. Unlike most artist Kid Fella has no major connect posting his material on there social media pages but he still has gone on to achieve major milestones. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce have all taking a liking into the rising Superstar and have helped nurture his career thus far. Fella has yet to complain about not receiving any social media shoutouts or post but it seems to not phase him or dim his light.

YNIC, KFRP and KFRP2 are deemed classics by rap fans. As bloggers continue to hate on the young talent it seems to not work as he continues to gain popularity. Fans love a success story and this is one that will go down in history.

Congrats on everything Fella has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time as he is definitely a living legend. There may never be another artist ever with this type of star power. Fans all across the globe are patiently waiting for Fella to bless the stages. Ask and you shall receive!