Spotify Revenue Is Way Up


Kid Fella took to Facebook today and updated his status to a new Co-Owner position at the streaming service Spotify. Kid Fella’s first album “YNIC” was released on Spotify.

Kid Fella Inserts: Streaming is the future for the music industry. People are not buying into individual artist anymore but they will pay for a collection of music and make a playlist.

Since “YNIC” was released on Spotify in 2015, The streaming company has seen a 80% increase in revenue. Also artist like Drake, Future, Justin Beiber and a few Independent acts have been a vital reason Spotify is relevant in this competitive streaming business. As of now Spotify has 100 Million subscribers.

Kid Fella’s New Compilation album “KID FELLA REMIX PROJECT 2” is set to be released on Spotify soon. Revenue will continue to go up. Congrats Boss on the new position!



Kid Fella goes platinum in 48 hours of the release of his new album “KID FELLA REMIX PROJECT 2” Apple counted one million iPhone 6s plus phones sold since the business venture and the release of the album. The great news was released via Instagram last night before the GSW vs OKC Western conference playoffs game. The album will also be for sale on iTunes and Spotify Soon. Congrats Kid Fella on the achievement!

Kid Fella – #KFRP2 5/20


Last night before the first round of the OKC vs GSW basketball game, Kid Fella took to Instagram to announce his new project #KIDFELLAREMIXPROJECT2 Co-Executive produced by Beyonce Knowles, which will be available for download on 5/20 thru AudioMack and will be available on all Apple iPhone 6s plus phones.

Track-list below. (Update)

01. Formation (Remix) (Feat. Beyonce)
02. Grams
03. Off The Rip (Remix) (Ft. Chinx, Nore & French Montana)
04. iPhone
05. Work (Feat. Rihanna & Drake)
06. Roll With Us (Feat. Ferg-Gotti)
07. Run The Check Up
08. Moving Weight (Feat. Ferg-Gotti)
09. When I’m Drunk
10. Pour Up (Feat. Lil Wayne)
11. Side To Side (Feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj)

Kid Fella Inks New Record Deal With Visa


Kid Fella recently inked a record deal/partnership with visa for a solo and label deal. With hits like “Shake It” “Truffle Butter Remix”, “Bitch Better Have My Money Remix” a platinum album/project and a massive social media presence, you can see why a label would be highly interested. Kid Fella will maintain all rights to his music as this deal is to back his Independent Label. In a statement below Kid Fella says.

“My main focus is to continue putting out Classic material, building up my label with new talent and working with artist of my generation that I think are amazing”.

Kid Fella has been rapping for 9 years before being discovered by Onika Tanya Miraj AKA Nicki Minaj YMCMB’s first Lady in 2014 after the success of his “Independent Mindset” Mixtape. That summer in June the two started working on Kid Fella’s solo album #YNIC which was Co-Executive produced by YMCMB’s superstar.

Kid Fella Inserts: Many male rappers were afraid of the unknown and for a female rapper to not be scared made my respect for her go up a 100 notches.

Kid Fella is set to release his follow up LP and a follow up project this year in a new unique situation with RICHFAAM/Visa and with the help of Nicki if he needs it. What a great situation to be in. Congrats Kid Fella.

Update: Kid Fella inks deal with Visa for $550,000