Kid Fella has a Groupie


Many artist have fans but then some artist such as Kid Fella have groupies, her name is Blondie and she is out of Fort Lauderdale FL, sources say she has a major crush on the young rising superstar. This isn’t the first female that has wanted to have sexual relations with Fella. ‘It gets crazy when Fella is out and about. I’ve seen girls literally beg to give him blowjobs/3 sums in club bathrooms, signal to leave with him after gym workouts to have sex and girls that drive hours to his residence for a chance to be with him. It’s not safe when he is out as these girls will do anything or sleep with any member of his band for a night with Fella’.

He handles it so well as he remains focused and doesn’t get caught up in the whole groupie thing. He is real picky on who he will sleep with but that doesn’t stop these girls from trying. They stalk him for his attention and sometimes even lie and say they slept with him. I’ve seen it all!

Kid Fella – Fun Fact Of The Day


The Boss has done what no other artist has ever been able to achieve in music. Kid Fella has had 3 of the biggest artist of our time Co-executive produce his albums/projects. Unlike most artist Kid Fella has no major connect posting his material on there social media pages but he still has gone on to achieve major milestones. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce have all taking a liking into the rising Superstar and have helped nurture his career thus far. Fella has yet to complain about not receiving any social media shoutouts or post but it seems to not phase him or dim his light.

YNIC, KFRP and KFRP2 are deemed classics by rap fans. As bloggers continue to hate on the young talent it seems to not work as he continues to gain popularity. Fans love a success story and this is one that will go down in history. Congrats on everything Fella has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time as he is definitely a living legend. There may never be another artist ever with this type of star power. Fans all across the globe are patiently waiting for Fella to bless the stages. Ask and you shall receive!


Kid Fella Inks $2M Partnership With Young Money!


It’s official, Kid Fella inks $2 million partnership with Nicki Minaj and Young Money. Nicki Minaj has been instrumental in Fella’s carrer behind the scenes since the summer of 2014. She Co-executive produced his first Spotify commercially successful platinum album ‘YNIC’ and put together the single ‘Truffle Butter’ with heavy hitters, Lil Wayne and Drake and gave Fella the green light to put out the remix that ultimately went certified platinum according to RIAA. $1.3 million will be for Fella’s solo work and $700 thousand to fund his independent label. Congrats!

Kid Fella’s Asisstant In Love With Her Boss!


It happens all the time were two people work together and at some point someone will catch feelings and in this case Kid Fella’s assistant has caught feelings for her boss. 36 year old Kimberly Kardashian West is a mogul in her own right but was not afraid to take on a new challenge when she stepped up and became a working partner with Kid Fella to enhance the company’s success far beyond music. She absolutely loves working for the company as she sees so much potential for the future.

After her Paris robbery Kimberly has had the time to put things into perspective and sources say, she wants an opportunity to tame the 27 year old as she feels he needs her love. She thinks he is a great leader, very charming and his creativeness is one of a kind so it’s hard to not want him to herself.

Kid Fella is currently in a relationship with 28 year old Pop Superstar Rihanna and 27 year old therapist out of Florida Vanessa so this would mean he would have 3 girlfriends. Is this something Kimberley would be interested in, sources say yes she knows of the two woman and she does want to come between them but just wants to seize the moment. She is quite aware of her bosses relationship status and hopes to be a wife in law!

Kid Fella Suing his parents?


27 Year old Rap Superstar Kid Fella real name Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. is suing his parents Rose Lewis and Donavan Augustus Lewis Sr. We have all heard of stories like this were entertainers sue there parents for stolen money and Kid Fella is no exception. In July of 2014 Fella made it big when 33 year old Young Money Rap Superstar Nicki Minaj real name Onika Tanya Miraj discovered the rapper offline by hearing his mixtape titled ‘Independent Mindset’ that was gaining a massive buzz in Florida and quickly took interest in the Rap Superstar and decided to put him in the studio immediately to record his first commercially successful album. Prior to that Kid Fella was making music putting out mixtapes for 9 years but didn’t catch a break.

On January 26th, 2015 Fella released his debut album YNIC and it set the music world on fire as it was declared platinum six months later by Spotify. Due to such success Fella was scheduled to hit the road in February with Nicki Minaj overseas on her Pinkpint tour but couldn’t because of a car accident that happened one day before they were set to leave that caused Fella to have to sit out the tour due to a torn meniscus in his left knee and a disc bulge in his lower back and neck that ultimately caused the young Rap Superstar to miss out on millions of dollars.

Kid Fella spent the entire year doing surgery, rehab and being hooked up to machines as he and his attorney at the time Joeseph Madalon sued and beat the case against State Farm and Fella was rewarded the max $100,000 due to missed work as Nicki Minaj vouched for him to the judge. Fella had big plans to use the money to further his career and help his family get out of poverty but failed to do so due to his parents caniving/manipulating him out of his money.

Fella grew up with both parents but like so many young black entertainers his father was barely around but when Fella got payed his dad came back around due to his mother and has not worked for eleven months. Fella never agreed, as he seen his mom get beat by his dad since a toddler and just thought if he never was around before why be able to come around when the money came.

Fella ended up staying in the hood because his mother liked the home so he continued to make payments but he wanted to leave. Being so young with so much money Fella became a target to his parents as everything financially fell on his shoulders. When members of your family borrow your money and steal with no intentions on paying you back that is a criminal offense and if someone is pleading to you that they want out of a certain neighborhood and you keep them there due to whatever selfish reason is another criminal offense as you are depriving someone of there rights.

Right now an investigation is being ran and hopefully fella will be recompensated his money so he can continue to be successful!

Kid Fella YNIC2 Cover Artwork & Tracklist


Kid Fella’s camp releases the cover artwork and tracklist to his highly anticipated second solo album YNIC2 the sequel to the platinum LP. The album was recorded in five days (Nov. 22nd – 27th, 2015) it was initially to be released on February 13th, 2016 but due to Fella’s legal situation at the time, the album was pushed back twice after the camp failed to meet the second release date in August. No release date yet but you can view the albums tracklist below!

01. MOB
02. Rollie
03. Stacking
04. Top 5
05. The Realist (feat. Ferg-Gotti)
06. Oh Lord
07. Dope Boy
08. Ain’t Me
09. Out The Mud
10. Fly Away
11. Shorty Wanna Thug
12. Trill

Kid Fella: Alleged Victim calls police after argument!


Kid Fella in trouble with the law once again. This morning at 11:45 AM cops were called on the 27 year old Rap Superstar. The call was placed by a 27 year old therapist out of Florida named Vanessa a female Kid Fella was seeing for about 2-3 months. Sources say it started this morning when Kid Fella texted her phone and she did not like what she saw and texted him back and when he did not reply she decided to get the cops involved. “We never saw this coming, they were getting along so well. A restraining order has since been put out against Kid Fella but he was not taken to jail. She does not want him in jail sources say, she just wants him to respect her and if he can not do that then she does not want him around. Vannessa has declined all pictures as she does not want any publicity from the situation.

Kid Fella is no stranger to the law as his longtime girlfriend/fiancée of 2 years 28 year old Pop Superstar Rihanna called the cops on him after a heated argument that took place a few months ago that was not reported due to Rihanna wanting to keep all allegations private that ultimately led to the two breaking up. Since then the two have been back on good terms.

Kid Fella is currently back in his Florida home and was not available to comment.

Do you think she will take him back, comment below!

Update: Court restraining order dropped against Kid Fella who’s real name is Donavan Augustus Lewis Jr. Sources say Vanessa overreacted out of anger but she still loves him.

Kid Fella’s Asisstant Robbed At Gunpoint!


Kid Fella received some bad news last night as he was informed that his assistant Kimberly was set up, robbed at gunpoint and tied up while staying at her Paris home. Sources say Kimberly’s boss was furious about the news. Fella takes Family, employees and friends seriously and the last thing he wants to hear is that they are in harms way. Fella posted via his Instagram page at 5AM last night ‘Fucking Chivatos, just know there’s consequences to your actions’ Sources say the two have spoken since the incident and for sure matters will be handled.

As for Kimberly she is fine now as she is in New York City with her husband Kanye West taking some needed time for herself to get through such a traumatic experience.

Update: $10.7 Million worth of Jewlery was stolen.

Update #2: Kid Fella set to increase security surveillance for his assistant, this will ensure she is protected at all times!